Terms & Conditions


1] 50% Of your total amount due is payable up front to secure your booking and is non refundable on cancellation of booking.

2] Jumping Jack Castle Hire holds the right to hire out the items to any other client should your booking not be paid in time. First paying customer gets the booking. No bookings will be held out for anyone without a proof of deposit and their forms received.

 3]Jumping Jack Castle Hire will under no circumstances be held responsible for bad weather conditions as weather conditions are God's will and are unpredictable. No refunds will be given due to bad weather or any reason whatsoever.

Bookings cannot be rescheduled for any reason, weather related or not. Confirmation deposits are not refundable.

4] Hired items are to be returned in the same condition as what you have received it - clean, dry and packed.

4.1] Inflatables have to be dry and folded back in to bag. Please do not leave hired items in the rain. Pack it up after use, store under shelter and return on time.

5] No eating, drinking, shoes, pets, sand, stone or sharp objects are allowed on the equipment. 

6] A suitable area for equipment, away from buildings, trees, walls, sharp objects and palisades, & preferably on grass and in shade, must be provided. (This includes sand, stones / sharp items on the ground underneath the unit, or walls next to the unit.) Please keep the inflatables away from wet paint. We can only use a certain strength thinners to clean the inflatables to prevent the material from staining, damaging or thinning when removing stains. The paint stains cannot be removed with this thinners as this thinners is not strong enough. Should you return your inflatable with paint marks on it, you will be liable to replace the complete inflatable.!

7] No streamers allowed on equipment. It stains.!!!!!!!

8] The owner will not be responsible to supply power to the motor. (Please supply own extension  cord and pegs)

9] No children allowed to play with or near the motors. Motor must not be left in the rain.

10] Jumping Jack Castle Hire does not accept any responsibility for the death of, loss, damage or injury to any  person or property whatsoever.

11] The hirer acknowledges that it is necessary at all times to have a responsible adult in attendance to supervise children and undertakes to ensure strict compliance herewith voids Jumping Jack Castle Hire against any claim that may be made against the Jumping Jack Castle Hire for any injury sustained by any person utilizing the fun item and motor.

12] All damages incurred to fun items or motors while in possession of the hirer will be payable by hirer. No exceptions.

13] Fun items to stand on flat surface, preferably on grass and in shade.

14] Only foam bath (Bubble bath is) and dish washing liquid to be used on water slides.

15] Please ensure that the fun item is returned on time. Please respect the next hider's time.

16] No adults or children over the age of 12 years allowed on the fun items except on water  slides.

17] Please do not allow children to sit, climb or hang on the side walls, and kindly monitor the number of children on the equipment at all times.

18] The owner does not accept any responsibility for entrance or stand fees where the fun items are to be used.


  • Cost of repair and/or replacement of equipment for loss or damage caused intentionally, recklessly, accidentally and/or negligently whilst the equipment is under hire to the lessee. (e.g. Knife wounds, torn stitching and material due to adults on equipment or overloading, or damages by pets, or any way whatsoever.)

  • Cost of replacement or repairs of lost, damaged or stolen equipment whilst equipment is under hire to the lessee. Only Jumping Jack Castle Hire's preferred supplier will be used for repairs or replacements. Courier costs back and forth to and from the repairs factory will be for hirer's account.

  • Loss of income incurred whilst the equipment is under repair or being replaced as a result of damage or loss caused in terms (a) or (b) above.

  • Cost incurred - legal or otherwise - in the pursuance of any claim, however arising, which Jumping Jack castle hire may have against the lessee.



Before using your inflatable, follow the simple steps below

  1. Untie and remove your inflatable’s from the bag.

  2. Unfold your inflatable.

  3. Attach air pipe to blower outlet and tie with rope attached to air pipe. 

  4. Plug your blower in to the power point.

  5. Your inflatable will now inflate and is ready to use.


After use -All water operated inflatables need to air dry about two hours before packing up to ensure all water blows out from inside to avoid staining when packed.

  1. Unplug your blower from the power point.

  2. Untie and remove your inflatable’s air pipe from your blower.

  3. Wipe and dry your inflatable before folding.

  4. Fold inflatable lengthwise in half, then half again (till it’s the width of the bag).

  5. Roll inflatable up.

  6. Put inflatable in bag.

  7. Close bag with rope and tie knot.

  8.  Your inflatable is now ready to be transported.



*EFT (Payment must reflect in account before goods will be released OR delivered)


*Direct Bank Deposit

*Card payments accepted with prior arrangements

Full payment must be received before or on date of booking. 

Banking details are available on booking form or on request.


To save time, download and complete our booking form today. Return your completed booking form to see if your preferred Inflatable is still available for your date of choice.

Download: Jumping Jack Castle Hire Booking Form

Return your form by emailing it to bookings@jumpingjackch.co.za and we will get back to you as soon as we can.