Terms & Conditions


1. 50% of your total amount due must be received within 2 days from JJCH sending you the booking form. This deposit is none refundable in the event of the booking being cancelled. Should you pay your full amount instead, you do so at own risk. Bookings cannot be rescheduled and deposit cannot be held as credit. 100% Payment for candy floss orders must be paid 2 days in advance or candy floss will not be made. All money paid to date will be lost upon cancellation of candy floss, chairs or inflatables, no matter the reason. JJCH cannot be held responsible for bad weather, COVID-19 or any other reason for cancellation whatsoever.

  1. Name & booking date must be used as payment reference when making payment to ensure payment is allocated to the correct client and booking. Deposit, copy of drivers licence (preference)/copy of ID & proof of residence secures your booking. No booking is secured before ALL requirements are met. Not even if full payment has been received or if you have hired from us before. Should someone collect on your behalf, they too must bring a copy of drives licence/ID and proof of residence with when collecting.
  2. Balance is due strictly cash upon collection. Always bring the exact amount owing as we do not always have change on us. EFT is no longer accepted as method of payment for balances on day of collection. Items WILL NOT be released on EFT upon collection. Not even with immediate clearance payments. Strictly CASH ONLY. EFT payments done for balance payments need to reflect in our account 24 Hours before collection or items will not be released without cash payment. Card payments must be arranged prior to collection. Card payments are charged at 5% extra on balance due. We recently lost one of our castles due to fraud & theft. Unfortunately besides from hiring, we do not know each other. As we recently learned the hard way, not everyone is as honest as they appear, so T’s & C’s apply to all clients, new & old, No exceptions.
  3. JJCH holds the right to cancel your booking should you not meet all requirements to secure your booking within 2 days from JJCH sending you the booking form. NO item will be held out for anyone or released before all requirements have been met.
  4. Hired items are to be returned in the same condition as received– clean, dry, packed & on time. A fine will be charged when inflatable is not folded and in bag or not in a decent manner when returned. Ensure the hired item is returned on time. Respect the next hirer's as well as our time. We also have family and a life after work. You would not appreciate the previous hirer being late and you have to wait for them. Do not do it to someone else. Weekend collection times are between 16:00 & 18:00 on a Friday. We close at 18:00 on a Friday and are closed on Saturdays. Bookings not collected on a Friday afternoon by 18:00 will forfeit booking without refund. One day bookings need to be back on the Sunday morning between 09:00 & 10:00 so it can be washed and inspected in time for the next hirer to collect between 10:00 & 11:00. One day bookings returned after 10:00AM will be charged for one extra full day price as your item might be booked out for that day. Two day hire bookings need to be back on the Sunday evening at 18:00 and must be booked and paid for two days from the start. We are closed on Sundays between 11:00 and 17:00. (Collection & return times exclude public holidays, long weekends, weekdays and bookings between 20 December and 7 January.) JJCH holds the right to change collection & return times at any time without prior notice! We also work full time and are sometimes required to work overtime on short notice.)
  5. Do not leave hired items and pump in the rain. This is not only dangerous, but motors/plugs damages from water. Pack it up after use and store under shelter. No eating, drinking, shoes, pets, sand, stone, wood, stumps, hot charcoal, sharp objects, palisades or open fires allowed on or near the equipment. Keep pets away from inflatables, no matter how tamed they are. PLEASE DO NOT RETRUN INFLATABLES WITH MUDD ON. IT STAINS AND IS DIFFICULT TO CLEAN!!!! AFTERALL.!!! YOU DID NOT RECEIVE IT LIKE THAT!!!

No streamers on the inflatables. It stains.!

  1. A suitable area for equipment, away from wet paint, buildings, trees, walls, sharp or hot objects & preferably on a flat surface of grass and in shade, must be provided. In the case where inflatables are set up on sand, stone, cement, tar or paving areas, the inflatable must be set up on a ground sail as these ruff surfaces shaves through the castle. Repairs for damages sustained from such surfaces will be for the hirers cost. JJCH does not supply ground sails, extensions, pegs or generators. Please organize your own prior to your date.
  2. No children allowed to play with/near the motors. The hirer acknowledges that children should play under supervision of a responsible adult and cannot hold any claim against JJCH for damage/injury/death sustained by any person utilizing any hired item/motor. JJCH does not accept any responsibility for the death, loss, damage or injury to any person or property for any reason whatsoever. Please do not allow children to sit, climb, stand, lie or hang on the side walls. The number of children on the equipment must be monitored at all times. Too many kids on at the same time might cause overloading and result in damage to the inflatable or injury. No adults or children over the age of 12 years allowed on the fun items except on slip n slides and gladiator slides. All damages incurred to hired items & motors while in possession of the hirer will be payable by hirer. No exceptions. JJCH does not accept any responsibility for entrance or stand fees where the fun items are to be used.
  3. Only foam bath/dishwashing liquid to be used on water items. Other forms of foaming liquid damages/stains the material/threading. Water/foam only to be used on inflatables with water puddles as they are made for water. The non-water inflatables are not meant for water. So do not wet them.!


  • Cost of repair/replacement of equipment for damage caused intentionally, accidentally, recklessly, and/or negligently whilst the equipment is under hire to the Hirer. (eg. Knife wounds, torn stitching and material, holes or damages due to adults/overloading on equipment or damages caused by pets or any way whatsoever.)
  • Cost of replacement for lost/damaged/stolen equipment whilst equipment is under hire to the hirer. Only JJCH’s manufacturer will be used for repairs/replacements. Courier costs to & from the factory will be for the hirers cost.
  • Loss of income incurred whilst the equipment is under repair or being replaced as result of damage or loss.
  • Cost incurred - legal or otherwise - in the pursuance of any claim, however arising, which JJCH may have against the hirer and visa versa.
  • In the case of third party hiring (For example, by events companies), all arising costs will be for the third party hiring from JJCH and signing the forms. This meaning the person hiring on behalf of the events company, and NOT the end user. The events company which is the direct hirer will be responsible for compensating JJCH and must at their own time/cost recover the cost for such claim from their end user. 


  • Untie and remove inflatable from the bag.
    • Unfold your inflatable.
    • Attach air pipe to blower outlet and tie with rope attached to air pipe.
    • Plug your blower in to the power point.
    • Your inflatable will now inflate and is ready to use.


After use, all water items need to air dry about an hour before packing up to ensure all water blows out from inside out to avoid internal staining when packed.   

  • Unplug your blower from the power point.
  • Untie and remove your inflatable’s air pipe from your blower.
  • Wipe and dry your inflatable before folding.
  • Fold inflatable lengthwise in half, then half again (till it’s the width of the bag).
  • Roll inflatable up.
  • Throw bag over the rolled-up inflatable and flip over.
  • Close bag with rope and tie knot.
  • Your inflatable is now ready to be transported.


Once you have booked your castle, return your completed form by emailing it to bookings@jumpingjackch.co.za .